Date Night Guide: Patio to Go

Date Night Guide: Patio to Go Hero Image Date Night Guide: Patio to Go Hero Image

Date nights have been difficult during the pandemic. It’s kind of hard to go out for a night on the town when the whole town has been ordered to stay home. However, if you want a healthy marriage, dating your spouse is still an essential activity.

Although some businesses are starting to open back up locally, it is still only some businesses, and only at a fraction of capacity. And many people have very valid reasons for not wanting to venture out just yet. For married couples who are still keeping things close to home, we’ve got you covered! Here’s how you can have a fun, meaningful date night, featuring your favorite dinner spot, without dining out.

The Kids

First, make a plan for the kids. Perhaps plan an early bedtime for them and a late dinner for yourselves. Or make it a fun evening for them with a parent-approved video game night, Dude Perfect marathon, or watching Frozen 2 for the 53rd time. The point: let them know you cannot be interrupted. Mom and Dad need some alone time.

The Food

Pick your go-to local spot and order all your favorites. Not only will you enjoy a meal you didn’t have to cook, you’ll also support local businesses. Win, win!

Next, pick a spot to feast together. If your back yard is less than ideal—it could be a park, the tailgate of your truck, or the top of an empty parking garage. Be good citizens. No trespassing please. We’re not bailing you out of jail.

Want to kick it up a notch? Make it a progressive dinner from several different local spots, or grab a kit of supplies, find some new recipes, and cook something together.

The Conversation

Over dinner or throughout the rest of the night, have each spouse takes a turn choosing one question below that you both answer. If the question sparks another question for either spouse, allow the conversation to move in that direction. The goal is not to get through all the questions, but instead to create connection as a couple.
- Vision: of the following do you feel would strengthen your marriage most if it were to increase: exercise, sleep, stimulating conversation, or fun date nights?
- Play: If you could pick any three couples to go with you on a week-long couples adventure vacation, who would you choose and where would you go?
- Connect: Over the past few weeks, which of your spouse’s qualities have you appreciated the most?
- Pursue: For you, what is one thing lately that absolutely makes sex great?

Thanks to for these questions. If you’d like additional questions like these, pick up a full set here.

The Fun

Each of you create a playlist of your favorite tunes from your high school days. Hello Duran, Duran! Take turns being the DJ. If dancing ensues…go with it. Who cares?

Take the time to explain why each song made it on your list. Close out the night dancing to the song you first danced to at your wedding (if that song is too embarrassing, pick out a new song to dance to).

Want to kick it up a notch? Take an online dance class together to enhance your dance floor repertoire. Hip Hop, Ball Room, or Country Line Dancing, make this night your own. Find a local place or jump online.

The Finale

Choose your own adventure dessert:
- At Home Pazookies - What’s better than a warm cookie? A warm cookie with ice cream on top. Follow these instructions to greatness.
- Pantry Banana Splits - Grab a half-gallon of Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream, then build your own banana splits out of toppings you find in your pantry.
- Healthy Chocolate Cookies - If the Quarantine 15 struggle is real, check out these bad boys. Want to kick it up a notch?

Prepare extra for your neighbor and attach a spontaneous note of encouragement.

Looking for more quarantined date night ideas? Maybe something different to do for next week? Check out this at-home date night guide as well.

Download a printable version of the Date Night Patio To Go guide here.