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Controversy, Crisis, Perspectives, & a Pump: Our Top 8 International Impact Posts of 2015

Controversy, Crisis, Perspectives, & a Pump: Our Top 8 International Impact Posts of 2015 Hero Image Controversy, Crisis, Perspectives, & a Pump: Our Top 8 International Impact Posts of 2015 Hero Image

Last week, the External Focus team shared our top ten local impact posts of 2015, a wild roundup of everything from fighting against porn to Community Group tips to thinking about living out our faith in the workplace.

But it was our international-themed blog posts that garnered even more attention! We explored all sorts of awesome topics on how we can reflect God's heart for the world, be wise in our international efforts, and more. Catch up - or revisit those themes - below.

8. When God Changed My Perspective on the World

What happens when an International Director takes one of the best-known courses on God's heart for the nations? He comes away with a different perspective. Read about Rick Howard's experience with Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, and dream about your own involvement someday. (Click here)

7. Ordinary People. Extraordinary Impact.

When one of our members, Juliana Jones, headed out on a year-long, around-the-world serving adventure, we just had to have her write about what she learned. And she didn't disappoint. (Click here)

6. What Can Child Sponsorship Accomplish, & Which Programs are Best?

Following up on an earlier post (see top blog #3 below), we explored the very popular world of Child Sponsorship Programs. If you're going to give near or far, you want to do so with wisdom - here are some pointers. (Click here)

5. & 4. Helping with Overseas Crises

2015 had its share of overseas incidents and the chance for God's people to rise up and help! When something like that hits, the External Focus team hopes to offer info, wisdom, and great opportunities to help. So check out these great posts: A People without a Home: Helping in the Syrian Refugee Crisis and Three Opportunities to Help in Nepal (& Notes on Helping During Crisis)

3. Are Child Sponsorship programs healthy? A smart idea? A biblical idea?

In this post (see also #6, above), Rick Howard asks an important question - and answers it while sharing about his own trip to Peru to see the work of a Child Sponsorship Program "on the ground." (Click here)

2. What If We Got It All Wrong?: The “Mission Trips” Controversy

Did you know there was a controversy? There is... and Watermark has developed a unique answer and a unique wording. (Click here)

1. Why is There a Water Pump Next to the Watermark Pond?

Early last year, we answered a question that - potentially - crosses the mind of everyone who comes to Watermark. And even if it hasn't crossed your mind, you just might love hearing about this important and intentional piece of the architecture here. (Click here)

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds via Compfightcc