The Gift of Contentment

How God teaches us what a gift contentment is despite our circumstances.
The Gift of Contentment Hero Image The Gift of Contentment Hero Image

Last week at the Dallas campus Nest event, we were able to hear from Suzanne Sanderson on the topic of contentment. She was quick to remind us that every foreseen problem that we face comes back to one question – “Is Jesus enough?” He is the answer to any part of our life where we are discontent.

The number one response people give when asked, “How are you doing?” is, "FINE!” But, how often do we say that we’re fine, when we really are...

Freaking Out




However, if we want to be women with contented hearts, it would do us well to have those letters stand for the following:

Fastly hold… to the word of God

I'm secure… knowing who I am and Whose I am

Not swayed… by any circumstances

Enough… Jesus is enough!

This message will challenge you in new ways. To hear it in its entirety, listen to messagethe gift of contentment. And don’t forget to download the notes page to write on!