Consider Your Traditions

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Christmas traditions can come in all shapes, size and levels of ease. Whether you have one or a few, the quantity doesn't matter. The key is to be thoughtful and intentional about pointing your family back to the reason we celebrate this season - Jesus. At the Nest on the Dallas campus, the Nest leadership team shared the Christmas traditions that their family does each year. Some ideas span the whole month, others just happen once. The heart was to share and encourage moms to pick one thing they'd like to do this Christmas with their family that's Christ centered. The Nest Mentor Moms also shared their wisdom and perspective of what they've learned over the years and how to stay focused and not lose your mind during the busy Christmas season.

If you're a new mom and your baby is still in the holding, feeding, burping phase, our encouragement to you is to relish in the joy of a new season of life this Christmas. Your Christmas seasons have forever changed, and you have a unique opportunity to listen in on this conversation of Christmas traditions and use this time to plan and prepare for next year. What you can do this year is pray for your baby, read them the Christmas story and sing them the songs that tell them about another baby that loves them so much that He came to rescue them.

Listen in HERE as they share their Christmas traditions and be encouraged to be thoughtful and intentional this Christmas season.

Don't miss out on our special Christmas Eve service! Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and experience the true meaning of Christmas. We can't wait to see you on Christmas Eve!