Connecting with Community Amid COVID-19

Connecting with Community Amid COVID-19 Hero Image Connecting with Community Amid COVID-19 Hero Image

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Watermark currently recommends that community groups meet together at their own discretion and take governmental leaders' reasoned suggestions and guidelines into advisement. Be wise and take special consideration of those whose immune systems may be more susceptible. But regardless, we urge you to stay connected.

In times like these, technology can be an incredible ally. With many community groups unable to meet in person, video conferencing is ideal for helping groups stay connected. It allows groups to find creative ways to love one another even if they are unable to be together physically. Just because we are “social distancing” does not mean we should isolate. Here around Watermark, we recommend using any number of free video conferencing options that vary in functionality. Find the one that works best for you and your community and start hanging out online!

Google Hangouts
Facebook Messenger

At first, meeting virtually may be awkward. You will inevitably talk over each other or and have some technical difficulties to resolve. However, we encourage you to push through. Eventually you will get the hang of it and realize what a blessing it is to still see and hear from one another. Even if you are apart physically, you can still encourage, admonish, and listen to your friends.

So, in the midst of COVID-19 and the change in routines, do not neglect meeting together. Even if it is via Facetime or Zoom.

And pray that God would hasten the day we get to meet together again face to face.