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Choosing to Trust

Choosing to Trust Hero Image Choosing to Trust Hero Image

Choosing to Trust

Trusting that our cup of coffee will keep us awake, that Amazon orders will arrive on time and that we packed enough snacks to make it through a trip to the park are some of the many ways we trust on a daily basis. But when the unexpected storms of life come our way, trusting becomes a more active process of daily surrendering to the Lord and teaching our kids to do the same.

This month at the Nest on the Dallas campus, Lindsay Loucks shared how to personally choose to trust the Lord when the storms of life come, by actively moving towards God in order to submit our hearts to Him. Amy Hulme also gave practical advice on how to pass the gift of trust on to our kids. Building trust with our kids is taught and practiced by being approachable, honest and loving in all we do.

To listen and learn more about how God’s Word teaches us to trust in the Lord with confidence, CLICK HERE.