Bible Bowl!

Bible Bowl! Hero Image Bible Bowl! Hero Image

Bible Bowl!

This weekend your kids participated in Bible Bowl. They played carnival games while reviewing the 12 Bible verses they have learned over this past year. Review this year's memory verses with your child by:

  • Reading them together
  • Singing them aloud by adding a tune
  • Drawing pictures that represent each verse

For a ZIP file of all 12 Starting Blocks' Memory Verse songs, click here.

To download the memory verse flashcards as a PDF, click here.

DON'T FORGET – next week is Promotion Weekend when your kids will move up to the next class level. Please contact the following Starting Blocks Directors at your campus if you have any questions:

  • Mandy Bagdanov and Jenny Bindra, Starting Blocks Dallas,
  • Angela Ardis, Starting Blocks Fort Worth
  • Jinger Lord, Starting Blocks Plano
  • Danielle Bailey, Starting Blocks Frisco