Acts 2018 and Beyond: Sermon Guide

Acts 2018 and Beyond: Sermon Guide Hero Image

The following blog post contains notes and application questions from our April 22, 2018 message, Acts 2018 and Beyond This message is part of our Acts series. See other messages in this series.


As Todd walks us through the end of Acts 28, he encourages us that we—today, 2,000 years later—are living out the mission of the entire book of Acts: the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is alive and well, and there is nothing that can stop it. Do you have a saving faith, and are you on mission today?

Key Takeaways

  • Every time you yield to the Spirit you are fulfilling prophecy, and an answer to prayer.
  • “I would rather be a loser in an ultimately victorious cause than a winner in an ultimately defeated one.” –Woodrow Wilson
  • Christian hospitality should be a source of songs to God and strength to men (Acts 28:15).
  • Even when you are chained to circumstances you wouldn’t choose, remember the Gospel is not chained (Acts 28:16).
  • If you aren’t zealous for those you know most to know the gospel, you don’t know the gospel.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

  • What did you do the last three months? (Acts 28:11) How have you used your gifts to bring about a sense of awe and enjoyment to others?
  • What circumstances in your life do you feel chained to, and how are they most likely to negatively affect you? Memorize Philippians 1:12 this week and meditate on it whenever faced with the circumstances you defined.
  • When was the last time you shared the gospel with someone you know very well? Say a prayer for that person, and follow-up with them again this week.