Anchored Despite Exhaustion

Anchored Despite Exhaustion Hero Image Anchored Despite Exhaustion Hero Image

In the 1800s, Samuel Plimsoll was concerned by the growing number of ships and crews that would sink at sea when going from Europe to North America. In his research, he discovered that the cause for ships sinking turned out to be an overloading problem, and thus created the “Plimsoll Line”. This line is painted on all ships today as a guide for how much load a ship can carry. The load a ship can carry depends on the type of ship, the size of ship, type of cargo placed on the ship, the time of year and the variance in water densities the ship will encounter on its journey.

As moms, we often find ourselves drowning because we are carrying a load that is beyond the capacity of our ship. The capacity our ship can carry depends on the size of our ship, the design of the people on our ship, and the waters we are journeying through. Our capacity changes with the various seasons of our life. At the Nest in 2016, Jeanie Cox and Leslie Barry talk candidly with fellow moms on how to navigate the exhausting parts of motherhood. You will laugh, cry and find yourself encouraged after listening to their stories and being reminded of the Truth found in God’s Word.

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