A Real Step of Faith

A Real Step of Faith Hero Image A Real Step of Faith Hero Image

“In the beginning, being a nurse was my way out of chaos, allowing me to be self-reliant. God shifted the focus of my career from simply a job to a means of loving others and furthering His Kingdom.” – Stacia Chandler

“As I watched the sun set into the Caribbean Sea, I asked God, ‘Are you more at work in Haiti than you are back home?’ The answer seemed so clear. The Lord was at work everywhere, but I was looking expectantly for His hand and trusting His will more in Haiti than I did back home. That really got my attention,” said Stacia Chandler.

“Growing up, my life was chaotic. I went to church because it was a safe place, and I liked seeing how other people interacted. My view of God was that of a marshmallow man – fluffy and nice. But I didn’t think He was involved in my life. As the oldest of three, I felt the need to protect and provide for my siblings as our world came undone at home. I tried my best to be perfect, excelling in school and craving the accolades of adults around me.

“When I went away to college, my parents divorced. The hurts stemming from their brokenness left me with a drive for independence. I focused on graduating from nursing school and moving to the big city. With no real place to put my trust, my life centered around what Dallas was known for: money and wealth. My security was in finances, my portfolio, and savings. I was working multiple jobs at different hospitals to maximize my income. However, with all my focus on money and work, I ended up isolated, exhausted, and full of anxiety.

“Although I feared trusting others, I started church shopping. At first, I thought people at Watermark were crazy for being so authentic and vulnerable. This flew in the face of the perfection I had so desperately tried to attain. But I came back, curious about why the people I met were different.

“I heard a message at Watermark on financial stewardship, and it struck a nerve. I signed up for Moneywise and Equipped Disciple so I could learn who God was and how to use my resources. As my view of God changed, so did everything else. Learning that I am intimately known and loved by the Lord allowed me to slowly surrender to Him.

“Diving into God’s Word, I was overwhelmed with both peace and conviction. Desperate to get out of anxiety and isolation, I quit my second job. It was a leap of faith that both took away the opportunity to make more money, and removed what had become a false source of security. When I moved to a salaried position as a public school nurse, my pay was further decreased. Yet, I had an increase in peace because I began stewarding the resources God had provided more effectively. I was part of God’s economy and was using the resources He provided for His glory and my good.

“Through various Watermark Equipping ministries, I discovered my great need for Jesus, the only One who could mend my hurting heart. Depending solely on the Lord and sharing His love story with others became my new focus. I knew getting out of my comfort zone would allow me to experience and understand how big our God really is. I went to Haiti with Watermark’s Single Adults ministry a few months before the summer began. Right after we returned, I was given another opportunity to go back to Haiti. Returning there was a real step of faith for me.

“Serving again in Haiti was an opportunity to use my role as a nurse not just as a career, but to love and care for others. In the beginning, being a nurse was my way out of chaos, allowing me to be self-reliant and care for my financial needs. This summer, God shifted the focus of my career from simply a job to a means of loving others and furthering His Kingdom. Abiding with Jesus as I worked led to an overflow of joy and obedience to steward my gifts and talents in a way that glorified the Lord.

“It was refreshing to wake up every morning ready to focus on the medical needs of others. The people I served were eager to know Jesus deeply, despite their maladies and physical pain. It was clear that the Lord is in constant pursuit of all of us. I saw that first-hand during a summer filled with purpose, growth, and a broader vision for who God is and what He’s doing, near and far.

“Today, I am able to trust God completely. The Lord does provide for, take care of, and comfort me because He is good. Walking in faithfulness is my answered prayer. I have an abounding measure of peace and joy because of how Jesus has sweetly pursued my heart and moved my feet both in the U.S. and in Haiti.” – written by Amy Tubbesing