A Life Worth Saving

A Life Worth Saving Hero Image A Life Worth Saving Hero Image

Everyone who walks into QuestCare Clinic has a story. The Clinic, operated in partnership with Watermark, offers urgent care to the underserved and uninsured. Last year, the Dallas Clinic served more than 9,700 patients – so many that a Collin County facility (which will be called Watermark Urgent Care) will open soon. In addition to urgent care treatments, each patient is engaged spiritually and given the opportunity to pray with a Clinic team member and hear more about Jesus. Here are stories about two patients the Clinic team served this year. If you’d like to know more about serving at one of our Clinics, please see questcareclinic.org.

Liana Banales

“As a team member at QuestCare Clinic, I serve dozens of patients each week. One of my most memorable interactions was with a woman who called in search of an abortion provider. We don’t offer abortion referrals, but I called her back, hoping we could connect. When we spoke on the phone, she explained that she had a three-year-old child and was determined to terminate her second pregnancy. She said the pregnancy was not life, rather, it was cells multiplying inside her.

“I talked about the fact that there was a life growing inside her womb – a life God had plans for. (Ephesians 2:10) I referred her to our partner ministry, Thrive Women’s Clinic, which provides pregnancy tests, ultrasound, and other forms of support to women in crisis pregnancy.

“I followed up as she explored options to terminate the pregnancy. We prayed together after she booked an abortion through Planned Parenthood, and I reminded her of God’s love for her and her child. I also shared that abortion was not a short-term decision – the emotional pain would stay with her the rest of her life.

“The day of her appointment, I got on my knees and pleaded with God that she would not terminate the pregnancy. The next day, I was overjoyed to hear that when she saw the baby’s image, she didn’t go through with the abortion and finally recognized her baby was a life – a life worth saving! It was such a privilege to talk about the Lord with her throughout the process and see how He worked.

“Whether it’s a story like this one, or times when I’ve shared the truth of the gospel with someone far from God, working at the Clinic is an opportunity to not only improve someone’s health, but also be part of God changing their eternity. It’s amazing to watch someone’s entire demeanor change when they finally understand that God loves us so much that He gave His only Son so that we could have salvation through Jesus Christ.”

Paige Delgado

“The patient I’ll never forget is named Shuja (name changed to protect identity). He is the son of an Imam and grew up in Iraq. As he grew older, he spoke out on his questions about Islam and was threatened and jailed for his words. Eventually, he entered the United States as a refugee.

“He came to the Clinic for treatment, and I asked him about his story. He shared about his background, and about what life was like in Iraq before he left. Under Saddam Hussein, Shuja said that the people had no freedom, but did have an ‘abundant life’ – access to food, education, etc. When Hussein was overthrown, the people had freedom but no abundance. He came to this country looking for both freedom and abundance.

“I told him that I knew where the abundant life was found. Then I drew the bridge illustration on the exam table paper and shared the truth of the gospel with him. I asked, on a scale of one to ten, how certain he was that he would spend eternity with Christ in Heaven. He said he was a one. We talked about the free gift of grace available to him through a relationship with Christ, and he agreed to take a New Testament Bible home. Shuja wanted to think about the conversation and come back with any questions.

“Two months later, Shuja came back to the Clinic and asked if he could speak with me. ‘The burden is lifted, Paige. Now I know it’s Jesus, it has to be Jesus!’ Those are some of the first words he told me when he shared all he had learned about the Lord through reading the Bible and other books on Christianity. He had a true understanding of God’s grace.

“I asked if he had prayed and confessed his need for a Savior to the Lord. He thought you had to dress up and go to a church to do that, and I happily told him that there was no need to clean up to come to the Lord. So right there at the Clinic, Shuja gathered with members of our staff and prayed to receive Christ. Shuja is such a joy, and he is not afraid to trust Christ and be faithful, even when it costs him a lot. This is a story worth celebrating!”

Opening of Watermark Urgent Care Collin County Sunday, April 29 • 1:30–3 pm • 910 W Parker #102 • Plano, 75075 Join us as we celebrate the launch of Watermark Urgent Care with food, games, and a chance to gather with church and city leaders in Plano. For details, visit watermarkurgentcare.com.