5 Mom Hacks Worth Implementing

5 Mom Hacks Worth Implementing Hero Image

5 Mom Hacks Worth Implementing

Let’s share mom-to-mom. I begged and borrowed lots of mom tricks through the years so now it’s time to give back. If even one of my silly ideas makes life a little easier for you, then this post was worth it. Here are my top five hacks for young mommas:

1. Toes on the Line. Parking lots stressed me out when I had four little ones. Those minivan doors would slide open and they would tumble out, running in all directions. I decided we needed a plan for safety. We titled it “Toes on the Line!” We practiced it all the time. They would keep their feet on the parking spot boundary line. When the line stopped, they stopped. I got to where parking lots weren't so stressful anymore! Bonus: Have older kids teacher this skill to the younger kids to build leadership and allow them to set the example.

2. Time-Killer Case. Cards, dice, multicolor pen and pad of paper. No purse is complete without these things. They have saved me in the carpool line, the doctors office, parent-teacher conferences, or when you realize that the Easter service wasn't as kid-friendly as you thought. Bonus: "drop dead" dice game is my fave! CLICK HERE to see how to play.

3. Frozen Cookie Dough. Make cookie dough 3-4 times a year. Roll the dough into balls, fill ziploc bags and put them in the freezer. You’ll always be ready for company, a game night, a late night snack after a hard day, or a day when six kids end up at your house for a play date. Bonus: Monday’s are hard on everyone so implement “Cookie Monday” for an afternoon snack and watch smiles grow and hearts warm.

4. Gift drawer. Have a place where you stash small gifts. Anytime I see something cute and affordable that would make a great gift, I put it in a drawer. When someone's birthday sneaks up on me or I need something sweet to give a teacher - I don't have to panic. We go to the gift drawer and pick something out. Bonus: keep tissue paper and gift sacks in the same drawer and be a triple threat momma.

5. Medicine box. Having a place for medicine is nothing new but location is everything. We keep our medicine box in the kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of the home so it makes it a convenient place to have Band-Aids, medicine, or a thermometer. Also, my kids want water after they take medication so the kitchen just makes sense. Bonus: keep all of this in a box with a lid for carrying. Anytime you travel, just grab it and go. You’ll be prepared for fever, allergies, and most other needs.