10 Resources to Help You Talk About Homosexuality and Transgender Issues Biblically

10 Resources to Help You Talk About Homosexuality and Transgender Issues Biblically Hero Image 10 Resources to Help You Talk About Homosexuality and Transgender Issues Biblically Hero Image

Our society talks a lot about homosexuality and transgender identity. Because of this, Christians are often faced with questions about LGBTQ issues, and many aren’t sure how to respond biblically.

To help equip you to talk about these topics, below are 10 resources that together cover what the Bible says about LGBTQ issues and how believers can best love their neighbors who might hold different views.

As you watch, listen to, or read these messages, remember that all of us face difficult situations, struggles, and temptations. LGBTQ issues are no different than any other issues that anyone else might be dealing with. We talk about the subjects here not to emphasize them, but just to respond to topics that are more emphasized by the broader culture.

1. Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage: An Apology, an Answer, and an Assignment

People who claim to be followers of Christ have had two equally unloving responses to homosexuality: Either we have condemned homosexuals and told them to clean up their sin on their own, or we have enabled a sinful lifestyle in the name of tolerance. Here is an objective look at the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality and an appropriate, loving response from those who follow Christ.

2. Understanding What the Bible Teaches about Human Sexuality

An increasing number of Christian authors and leaders are voicing their support for monogamous, same-sex relationships, causing celebration among some and confusion among others. So, what does the Bible teach about sexuality? Nathan Wagnon walks through Scripture to see if popular views supporting same-sex relationships measure up.

3. Watermark’s Statement on Same-Sex Marriage

This short statement spells out what the church has always believed when it comes to sexual identity and the marriage covenant.

4. Can Someone Be Gay and Be a Christian?

With so many differing opinions out there, it’s hard to know what the Bible actually says about homosexuality. Is it wrong? Isn’t love, love? Is the Church simply behind the times? Judge not, right? In this message, David Marvin unpacks the truth of Scripture on the matter and how the Church should respond to it.

5. Should I Go to a Gay Wedding?

Does attending a gay wedding mean you’re giving your stamp of approval? In this podcast episode, The Porch team talks about how to navigate this decision.

6. Same Love

This message tackles the lyrics of the popular song “Same Love.” Jonathan Pokluda explores the difficult topic of homosexuality, examining what God has to say about it, where the church has missed God’s instructions on how to approach it, and where we all must change and conform more fully to Christ’s embodiment of grace and truth.

7. What the Church Gets Wrong About the LGBTQ Conversation

This editorial from The Dallas Morning News talks about four ways the broader Church has failed the LGBTQ community.

8. How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex: Situational Issues

This guide covers how to address topics like gender identity, same-sex attraction, premarital sex, and abortion with your kids.

9. Responding to Same-Sex Issues

This equipping webinar discusses the complexities of same-sex issues and provides a measured, biblical response to LGBTQ questions.