Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Get answers from women who have experienced abortion and participated in Someone Cares.

I had my abortion so long ago… why should I go through Someone Cares now?

Experiencing the forgiveness of Christ and being freed from a past abortion is the aim of Someone Cares. So whether your abortion occurred decades ago or just a few years ago, there is no time to experience freedom like the present. Other participants who asked this same question said, "There is a time for everything. The fact that you're reading this information at this very moment may mean this is the right time for you - no matter how long ago you experienced abortion. Making peace with the past enriches the present."

I know I’m forgiven, so why do I need to go through a recovery group?

Knowing forgiveness is available to you and walking in freedom from abortion are two different stages in your life after an abortion. Forgiveness is often something we hear women internalize on their own, and being free is something women experience in community unhindered by shame or secrecy. Another participant shared, "Three years after having my abortion I accepted the forgiveness of Jesus and knew I had a new life in Christ. Yet it wasn't until participating in an after abortion care group with other understanding women that I really found a new freedom and healing and my voice to finally talk about thoughts and feelings that had been closeted for years.”

If I go through this group, will I have to tell people? I don’t not want anyone to know that I had an abortion.

We provide a safe place to process the hurts of your abortion. All information is confidential. We do not require that you share your story unless you choose to do so. We do encourage our members to process a past abortion in their Community Group following the class in order to walk in the light of their forgiveness and freedom.

What impact does abortion have on marriage?

Exactly how abortion affects a marriage is as varied as marriages are different and unique. Yet most women who have been married do agree abortion has had a significant effect on that relationship.

How do women typically cope with a past abortion?

Choosing abortion is a traumatic experience. The behavioral patterns following an abortion vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the abortion. If you identify with two or more of the following behaviors, a recovery group would help you experience hope and healing.

Guilt – Anxiety – Avoiding Children or Pregnant Women – Feeling Numb – Depression – Thoughts of Suicide – Anniversary Reminders – Experiencing the Abortion Again – Wanting to Get Pregnant Again – Inability to Bond with Present or Future Children – Fear that Future Children Will Die – Eating Disorders – Alcohol and Drug Use – Sexual Dysfunction – Emotional Crisis with Onset of Menopause or After Youngest Child Leaves Home

What details do I need to know before joining a group?

The groups meet in homes in Dallas, Plano, and Ft Worth. The class is 12 weeks long and meets once a week for 2 hours. We keep the classes small. Usually each group is 7 women or less. The leaders are not counselors. They are women who have experienced abortion and found in Christ and by God’s grace forgiveness, freedom, and healing through Someone Cares after abortion recovery group. We offer groups starting the middle of January, March, June, and September. The only cost is $10 to cover the cost of our workbook.

Do I need to be a Christian or Watermark member to go through the group?

Although the class is based on Christian principles and the forgiveness we receive through Jesus Christ in a relationship with Him, it is not necessary to be a Christian to benefit from the group. It is a safe place to process an experience that profoundly affects a woman's life in many ways. You do not need to be a Watermark member or a member of a church to join us.