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Across all our campuses, we have several opportunities before us as God continues to add to our number. Explore this page to learn more and pray that any expansion or improvement would serve a singular purpose – to make room for more people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Right now, Watermark has about $6.5 million in the building fund and $13.2 million in total building opportunities across our Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano facilities. $6.7 million opportunities are on hold pending resources.

Thank you for faithfully investing your life and resources here. May God continue to encourage you that this is a mission worth investing in!

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By October 2016, we reached maximum capacity for most of our weekday ministries. Many ministries were unable to expand because there was not enough meeting space to accommodate the increasing number of people coming to Watermark seeking life change through Jesus Christ.

After years of pursuing the building next door, God went before us and we were able to purchase the East Tower on the Dallas campus, debt-free. The East Tower will expand the Dallas campus footprint by 50% and our meeting space by 40%, creating substantially more space for both existing mid-week ministries and new ministry opportunities.

Initial renovations are now complete on the bottom floors. The East Tower is officially open and is already being used every night of the week to maximize discipleship efforts.


For the last year, the purchase and initial renovations of the first two floors of the East Tower have been our chief priorities on the Dallas campus. With initial renovations now complete, we have been prayerfully considering where else on the Dallas campus the Lord might have us invest in order to maximize our discipleship efforts.

Our top priorities include making the other floors in the East Tower ready for use, a future parking lease, the renovation of a portion of our staff office space, and the renovation of a few pockets around campus that cannot currently be used for ministry due to their layout. We also have several master planning projects that will allow us to tie together the recently purchased property and use our outdoor space more effectively for ministry. The video below shows a glimpse of what's in store.

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The renovation of the main building is now complete and we are officially meeting in the new facility.

Having completed the main building, we are moving onto phase 2 of the renovation. Phase 2 includes the construction of a porch and outdoor fellowship area in front of the main entrance, resurfacing the parking lot, and the renovation of a nearby building that will be used for student ministry, mid-week equipping, and office space for our staff.

We are still in need of about $1.5 million to complete phase 2 of this renovation. Please continue to pray for and invest as sacrificially as you can in this facility and this mission. Pray for the completion of the new campus and for the lives that God will change here.

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On our Plano campus, we're humbled by and grateful for the growth we've seen as God continues to bring more and more adults, students, and children to worship with us on Sundays and throughout the week.

Our top priorities include making functional improvements to our Kids' Ministry area through providing more classrooms, and creating additional large group meeting space in order that weekday ministries like re:generation, re|engage, and our Students Ministry can continue to thrive and grow. We also hope to create an indoor/outdoor gathering space for people to enjoy that will include an indoor/outdoor porch space, kids’ play center, and improved landscape on the north side of the building.

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