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A conference for pastors, church planters, Elders, and church leaders

Why Another Conference?

We know what you’re thinking. The last thing the church needs is another conference. We agree unless it is a conference that further equips and inspires church leaders to fulfill their calling as ministers of the gospel, pastors to the hurting, teachers of the Bible, and radical examples for the world to follow. We haven’t lost hope in the church. We believe God will use this institution to preserve His values and decrees. We believe that if His Church would rise up and fulfill His calling for her, the world would look on with awe and wonder once again.

We believe this will happen and we are inviting you to be a part of it. Church leaders, help us awaken the hope of the world. At this conference you’ll receive practical ministry insights, be inspired toward greatness and reminded why you chose to serve in the local church.

Come join us!

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