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Thanksgiving Is like a Tween Boys' Hamper

Thanksgiving Is like a Tween Boys' Hamper Hero Image Thanksgiving Is like a Tween Boys' Hamper Hero Image

As the weather threatens to usher in Fall, we know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. How does it seem that these annual holidays sneak up on me like my 5th grade boys clothes hamper? Moms of boys, you know what I’m talking about! You walk into their room or bathroom, wherever the clothes hamper is stored, and you start sniffing and think to yourself, “What is that smell?” Sniff. Sniff. “Where is it coming from?” Sniff. Sniff. Then you fling open the closet door and you fall over from the stench that slaps a mama in the face!

Same things goes with Thanksgiving and Christmas. As the weather begins to change, you sense the holidays are coming. And if the weather doesn’t cooperate to give you adequate warning, as October winds down, you just know they are upon you. You know, because they are the same dates every year! But even though they are the same dates every year, somehow it’s like I bat my eyes and they are next week and I’m standing there in shock wondering where did they come from.

So you are not caught off guard, ill-prepared and sitting in shock, I want you to use the below resources. Use them to help get you and your loved ones' hearts and minds focused on thankfulness before it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and your pants are tighter, your house is a mess, and your head is spinning because Christmas is around the corner! (Next month, we’ll prepare you for Christmas).

For you, Mom.

  • Read John Piper’s short article on “The Gravity of Gratitude”.
  • For your listening pleasure, listen to this two-part series called ThanksLiving by the Dallas Campus Pastor, JP. 

  • Need to listen to one more message on Gratitude? Check out this message on Entitlement & Gratitude by David Marvin with The Porch. 

  • Do a search for bible verses on thankfulness and/or gratitude. Take time to look some up in your physical Bible, reflect on them and express to the Lord the things that you are thankful for this year. Double points if you share with your spouse, kids, community group, or peers what the Lord brought to mind. 

For your kids.

Download this fabulous resource packet created back in 2012 with TONS of ideas on ways to teach your kids about gratitude. You may think all the activities are only for young kids, but you’ll be surprised at how many of them you could actually do with upper elementary-aged kids, junior higher and even (gasp!) high school students.