Frontlines is Watermark's Hospitality Ministry

Frontlines is the hospitality ministry that hosts each of our weekend services. With the goal to welcome others onto our campus as Jesus Christ has first welcomed us (Romans 15:7), Frontlines exists to be a first impression reminder of God's love before our weekend services even start. Practically speaking, our Frontlines ministry oversees the Parking, Greeting, Ushering, Coffee, Welcome Center, and Reach volunteer teams.

If you are looking for a great way to get involved at Watermark, the Frontlines ministry is a wonderful place to start! While Frontlines only asks that volunteers serve once a month, you will have the opportunity to get to know others through a small team setting. You will also be given an opportunity to deploy your gifts and talents in a way that will to serve both our new, first-time visitors, as well as our long-time members! Your first step to apply for serving in our Frontlines ministry to fill out an application and go through our 4-week Basic Training ministry.

All New Frontlines Volunteers Are Required to Complete Basic Training

Basic Training is a 4-week discipleship course that all new Frontlines volunteers are required to attend. This ministry is designed to train all volunteers in the foundational areas of Christian discipleship that are essential to an effective life of ministry. This class takes place during the 11:15AM service on Sunday mornings in an effort to accommodate the schedules of our participants. During this class, every volunteer will be trained in the following areas:

  1. How to Devote Daily in Your Relationship with Christ
  2. How to Comfortably Initiate Spiritual Conversations
  3. How to Confidently Navigate Spiritual Conversations
  4. How to Share the Gospel in Less Than 30 Seconds
  5. How to Share Your Testimony in Less Than 3 Minutes
  6. How to Deploy Your Spiritual Gifts into a Life of Ministry

Once you have completed the 4-week Basic Training ministry, you will apply to serve on one of our 6 Frontlines Team (Parking, Greeting, Ushering, Coffee, Welcome Center, and Reach). Once assigned to a team, you will join that team as a regular volunteer in monthly service. Finally, after having served with Frontlines for 8 months, you will join us for one final training session that will equip you to focus your volunteer efforts in ways that best utilizes your talent, passion, and personality.

If you would like to sign up to be a Frontlines volunteer, and participate in our Basic Training ministry, please complete the application here.

Overview of our Six Frontlines Volunteer Teams

  • Parking Team - We want to be sure that our first impression is a positive one. Since first impressions are lasting ones, the parking team is a huge part of our ministry. Our parking team needs to be people who have servant hearts and can make people feel welcome through a smile as they direct traffic and answer questions from quests in the parking lots at the morning service.
  • Greeting Team - The Greeting Team warmly welcomes our guests as they walk into the auditorium. Our Greeters play such an important role as oftentimes they are the only people to welcome visitors and those that are a part of our body. Please plan to serve the entire service and attend a different service.
  • Usher Team - The Ushers are a blessing to our guests as they are looking for places to sit as they enter the Worship Center. Our Ushers also serve our body as they protect our time of worship. During the worship songs, prayer and teaching time the Ushers hold guests in order to keep them from disrupting the worship of those already seated. Ushers will be inside the auditorium during the service and will be able to hear the message but still at their posts throughout the duration of the service.
  • Coffee Crew - The Coffee Crew works hard throughout the services to make sure every guest has the chance to grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee. This is a job that requires some lifting and labor, but it is rewarded through the fellowship you build with the other Coffee Crew members and through the smiles and welcomes you get to share with guests.
  • Welcome Center Team - This team is the hub of all communication to help attenders become more connected to Christ or to this local church. They will communicate and distribute information for Watermark's values, ministries, community groups, connecting / equipping / serving opportunities, events, etc. Please plan to serve the entire service and attend a different service. As this ministry team represents a greater pastoral influence, personal interviews are conducted with each volunteer applicant prior to service.
  • Reach Team - The Reach Team exists to help Watermark attenders take their next best step in getting connected with the church. These volunteers act as a host that has been strategically placed throughout the Auditorium to welcome, engage, and connect those attending our services. As this ministry team represents a greater pastoral influence, personal interviews are conducted with each volunteer applicant prior to service.

Requirements to be a Frontlines Volunteer

Frontlines volunteers must have completed all membership classes, signed the covenant, and shared their written and verbal testimony. Finally, we ask all volunteer be personally committed to joining a community group within the first six months of their service with Frontlines.

Once you have become a Frontlines volunteer, we ask that you also take seriously the commitment to attend each of your service responsibilities. For completion of our Basic Training ministry, we require all participants to attend at least three out of our four classes. Upon completion of Basic Training and assignment to a Frontlines service team, we require our volunteers to not miss more than two service times a year. While our Frontlines Team recognizes that last minute schedule changes and family necessities do arise, we are confident that each of our committed volunteers can meet this attendance standard.