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Dallas' Finest

“Mike Smith was a friend and a faithful servant. Even when serving here as part of his job he understood loving people was the best way to protect and serve them. He along with the dozens of Dallas Police officers who are part of our Watermark family are humble, tender warriors who run to trouble and are a gift to our city. Mike wasn’t just concerned with safety and security at Watermark or in Dallas. It genuinely troubled him when he saw people treated as objects or when protocol got in the way of personal care. He never compromised his responsibilities, but he never walked away from a compassionate response. Mike understood the power of love, and it was his understanding of the grace of Christ that enlarged his understanding and enabled his desire to love others.”

"My friend. Hedi's husband. Victoria and Caroline's Daddy. Jesus' redeemed. Thank you for serving us all, Mike. You define Dallas' finest. I will miss your smile. Your calm. Your compassion. Your faithfulness. Your love for others. Your gentle seriousness. Your goodness, strength and humility. You understood what it meant to be under authority, and you never abused yours. Rest well in eternity's finest and only perfect provision. See you at the command station.” – Todd Wagner

Supporting the Families of the Officers

Many people have asked how to support the families of the officers who lost their lives. The DPD Chaplain, and others with the Dallas Police Department have directed us to the Assist the Officer Foundation.

Do you love well and are you listening carefully? Sunday’s message on Healing, Hearing, and the Hope of the Gospel helps us become more effective at understanding and showing God’s love to those around us. The Prayer Guide and Discussion Questions on this message can help us all pray for our city and grow in our ability to care for those who God puts in our path.

Service Video
Click here to watch a rebroadcast of the service.