Watermark's Work around the World

Followers of Christ are all called to be "on mission” every day. "Missionary" is not a title reserved for believers who live in a foreign country. Rather, we are all on a lifelong mission trip, so every day is a short-term mission opportunity. But for some who call Watermark Church home, this opportunity to be "on mission" will include "being the church" in other parts of the world.

We use a multi-faceted approach to reach the nations and involve our people where their gifts and talents can best be used:

① A Servant-Partnership Approach

We pursue international partnerships with indigenous ministries that are effectively impacting their own cultures. Our goal in partnering is the development of people and systems, focused on biblical principles that will do more than provide relief of short-term needs. Finally, we seek to meet spiritual needs along with material needs, connecting our "good works" with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

② Involving our People Corporately

Watermark corporately invests deeply in a few regions, rather than scattering our efforts broadly. Our External Focus staff coordinates short-term trips to serve with our three partner ministries, and our body can also be involved from home through prayer, financial support, and specific projects. Regardless of where our service takes place or the form it takes, we see international involvement as a chance to disciple our own people, even as we seek to impact others.

③ And Individual Involvement as God Leads

As with ministries here in DFW, we encourage our members to discover, research, and build relationships with international ministries beyond our formal partnerships. By investing their time, talents, and treasures in ministries as God leads, our people are meeting spiritual and material needs worldwide.

Want to connect with Watermark members serving overseas?

Visit this page for our list of individuals and where they're serving.

Considering service overseas (beyond short-term trips)?

Page coming soon - for now, please contact Benson at bhines@watermark.org.

Resources about International impact - Coming Soon

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