Forgotten Fathers

Despite common perception, women are not the only ones to experience the pain, loss and effects of participating in a past abortion – men do as well. Many men suffer in silence for years, decades, even life, without acknowledging and dealing with the loss of life they participated in. If this is you - there is hope, you are not alone, and God loves you.

If you are a man and have participated in the decision to have an abortion, Watermark has a ministry for you called Forgotten Fathers. Some men who participate in an abortion do so actively encouraging, and even directing, their partner to have an abortion. Other men participate in an abortion passively deferring to the choice the woman wants to make, and still others are opposed to an abortion yet the outcome is out of their hands. Regardless of your experience, we want you to know the healing forgiveness of Christ and help you live free from any shame from past abortions.

Forgotten Fathers is a class hosted 2-3 times per year coupled by ongoing support as part of a larger Life Ministry working to make abortion unimaginable and unnecessary. Contact us for more information or to inquire about our next class.

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