If your children could choose any gift what would it be? Fame? Power? Wealth? Solomon had the opportunity to do just that and asked for wisdom, a choice that delighted his earthly father and his heavenly father. How much of the wisdom of Scripture are we hiding in our hearts so that we can raise children and disciples who will make choices that please God and allow us to live blessed lives? Make sure to check out this <link http://www.worshiphousemedia.com/index.cfm?hndl=details&tab=MM&id=9787 - external-link-new-window>Father's Day video</link> by WorshipHouse Media.


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Todd Wagner

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If you had told me I would be serving and leading as a Pastor in the church 25 years ago I would have taken a swing at you. I saw the church as a place of compromised... Read more

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