God wants us to be regenerated, to be made new. He wants us to be authentic, confess and repent, turn to Him, and go deeper into a full life with Him. Todd shares about what true regeneration is. John Elmore and Nate Graybill also share their stories of grace, living new lives in Christ, and on the ministry called Regeneration. Regeneration's product and ultimate purpose: abiding, intimacy and a calling of unspeakable importance.

Scripture References: Colossians 3:1-17 , Romans 12 , John 8


Message Notes

Todd Wagner

About Todd Wagner

In 1999, a group of friends and I desired to be the same awe-inspiring community that we saw in the Scriptures and to connect God's people with opportunities to know... Read more

John Elmore

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Nate Graybill

About Nate Graybill

My wife, Teresa and I have been at Watermark since the start of the church in 1999. I joined the church staff in January of 2006 after being involved in the start-up of... Read more