Making Room Making Disciples

Purchase of the East Tower/Dallas Campus

After months of prayer and diligent work by our Operations and Real Estate teams, Watermark has purchased the East Tower on the Dallas campus. We thank God for going before us in this endeavor. We were able to purchase the Tower outright, rather than a long-term lease with an option to buy as originally planned. This allows us to save substantial resources and gain immediate access to the property so renovations can begin.

  • Since October 11, 2015, $17 million has been generously given toward expanding our capacity for midweek ministry in Dallas. A capital need of $2 million remains. Below is a summary of development plans at all three campuses, and information on how you can prayerfully consider deploying the resources God has entrusted you with toward this endeavor. Give to the Building Fund.

More space for mid-week ministry:

  • The purchase of the East Tower expands the Dallas campus footprint by 50% and our meeting space by 40%, creating substantially more space for both existing mid-week ministries and new ministry opportunities.
  • Our hope is to have large group meeting spaces on the first floor ready for use in early 2017. Small group meeting space may be available in the fall of 2016, as well. Renovation of the remaining floors will continue throughout the years to come.

More parking:

  • In Dallas, the purchase of the East Tower affords more parking spaces for weekday ministries. In addition, the team has extended and broadened our parking agreement with our neighbors, increasing the number of parking spaces from 550 to 1,750, seven days a week.
  • In Plano, an expanded parking agreement has substantially increased our parking capacity.

More room for ministry at our Fort Worth and Plano campuses:

  • A portion of the building fund will be used toward much-needed improvements at our Plano and Fort Worth campuses.

More to be done:

  • Our ministries continue to grow significantly, with more than 7,500 participating or serving on the Dallas campus Monday through Friday.
  • As we expand our Dallas weekend services to Saturdays at 4 pm, we anticipate the number of people will continue to grow on the weekends and throughout the week.
  • Approximately $2 million is still needed so that the East Tower can be fully adapted for the needs of Watermark’s growing ministries. Please pray and process this opportunity with your community group as we continue our commitment to making more disciples at Watermark.


God is adding to our number daily those who are being saved through faith in Christ (Acts 2:46-47).

  • We continue to see lives being changed, marriages being saved, children being discipled, and our city being renewed.
  • More and more people are coming to Watermark every week. Our Sunday attendance has grown by 7,000 people in the past five years.
  • We have grown to three campuses since 2012 (Dallas, Fort Worth and Plano) and are now ministering to more than 14,000 people on a typical Sunday.
  • Over the last two months, nearly 200 new families have visited our Dallas campus.


  • Our facility is used midweek to equip the saints who are here and also reach more of those who are unchurched, de-churched, and dead-churched (even more than we are able to on Sundays).
  • We average 120 different equipping and outreach opportunities on our Dallas campus Monday through Friday.
  • Our weekday ministries continue to grow significantly, with more than 7,500 people participating or serving on our Dallas campus Monday through Friday. A significant percentage of these have not yet engaged with us on Sundays.
    • Mondays: re:generation (1,000+), Great Questions, Shelter
    • Tuesdays: The Porch (3,000+), Prodigal, GriefShare, and more
    • Wednesdays: Women’s Bible Study (400+), re|engage (400+), Merge (400+) and student ministries (450+)
    • Thursdays: Men’s Summit (300+), Women’s Bible Study (300+) and Equipped Disciple (350+)
    • Fridays: Single Parent Family ministries, community groups, ministry to new moms
  • At night, nearly every single classroom and assembly space is being utilized (242 of 248 classroom slots and 34 of 36 assembly space slots are being used).

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