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Starting Blocks is a safe, fun environment where children from newborn to preschool build a solid foundation of faith through hands-on activities, interactive songs, movement, and creative storytelling. Our children are cared for by trained volunteers who have passed security and reference checks.

We begin introducing curriculum in our classes at 18 months of age. Each week we focus on Scripture which is communicated through storytelling and fun classroom activities.

We recognize that the most important part of discipling children occurs at home each week. Our goal is to partner with parents as they do the important work of training their children. One of the ways we do this is by providing a weekly blog post (see below) that includes a brief summary of that day’s lesson plus several ideas for activities that parents can do at home during the week to reinforce the lesson.

Our current memory verse in Elementary tells us that whatever we do, we are to work at it with all our heart as if…

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