Memorial Services at Watermark

Our Pastoral Care Team would be happy to discuss memorial service arrangements with you should the need arise. Memorial services are available to all Watermark members, as well as a member's spouse, parent, sibling, or child.

Individuals are considered Watermark members when they have completed all portions of the membership class, serve either in a Watermark or external ministry, belong to a community group, and have completed the most recent 4B survey. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding membership status.

If you are either a Watermark member hoping to plan a service for an immediate family member (spouse, parent, sibling, or child), or you want information about planning a service for a deceased Watermark member, please view the planning form and then contact our Pastoral Care Assistant.

As you consider holding the service at Watermark, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Depending on the anticipated number of guests, the chapel, the auditorium, or other room on the Watermark campus are available to you free of charge.
  • Watermark will provide coffee, water, and a reception space, also free of charge, if you'd like to host a gathering of your guests after the service.
  • Several blackout periods occur each week, and the Pastoral Care staff can help you schedule around them.
  • A planning meeting with the Pastoral Care Team is required no less than three days before the service takes place.

Please contact our Pastoral Care Assistant for more information. We would be glad to help you plan a service to honor your loved one and to answer any questions you have.