College Summer Bible Study

Sunday nights in June & July, you're invited to jump in with other 18-22 year olds as we journey through the Psalms and create an authentic community of Christ-followers over the break. Click HERE to register free of charge and find out more details. See you on June 2nd!

Optional but encouraged: Here are a few resources we have found to be helpful in gaining a basic understanding of the Psalms and how to read them, enjoy them and apply them to our lives.

Video: The Book of Psalms (9mins)

Video: How to Read the Psalms (5mins)

Commentary: In-depth study notes for every Psalm to reference (PDF download)

Book: "How to Read the Psalms" by Tremper Longman (148 pages - $13)

Devotional: "The Songs of Jesus" by Tim Keller (5mins/day - $13)

Music: selected Psalms put to music by Shane & Shane (live from Watermark!)

Can't wait to dive into God's Word together – we'll see starting Sunday, June 2nd @ 7PM!

Stay in the Know!

We push all of our info out on Instagram @WatermarkCollege – follow and track with us there!

You can also keep up to date on College Ministry events via our Events page.

Join the Body of Christ!

The details for pursuing membership at Watermark are laid out clearly on this page but here are the 3 key steps:

  1. Catch the Classes: “Discover Watermark” and our Membership Class takes place on Sundays at 11:15am.
  2. Select your Service: Choose a way to serve our Body. (If interested in serving specifically with College, click here)
  3. Commit to Community: if you’re 18-22 years old, that means College Vertical Groups! (see below)

Jump into a committed College Vertical Group (Spring Semester 2019: January 27 – April 28)

Our vision is that every Vertical Group is marked by three C’s:

  1. Commitment – Nothing will hold a group down faster than uncommitted members. We want to seve you well by making it clear up front that your VG is designed to be a core priority in your life. By saying ‘yes’ to this opportunity, you are making a big commitment – not simply participating in a Bible study, but to pursuing a group of people. We all know a lack of commitment when we see it, but one of the primary indicators is our second C.
  2. Consistency – Safe, authentic, high-trust environments are forged, not simply found. It takes work and it takes time. As you forge it, nothing is better than when the same faces come thoughtfully and thoroughly prepared week after week. When attendance is flaky, workbooks half-empty, and members come to consume without contributing, it will be nearly impossible to have a healthy and successful Vertical Group.
  3. Community – If the first two C’s are there, you can expect this third one to follow. When we say “community” here, we are referring to clusters of caring people where participants pursue one another relationally, counsel each other Biblically, live authentically, and faithfully “spur one another one toward love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24-25). We believe life change happens best in the context of relationships, and to thrive as a follower of Jesus you need to run with a pack of devoted disciples.

We will be walking through the books of James and Colossians this semester. If you desire those 3 C’s and are prepared to commit to a consistent Biblical community, then the times & locations of our Vertical Groups are below and we’ll see you there!

Southern Methodist University
Location: Hughes Trigg Varsity
Time: Sunday 7:00-8:30pm

Dallas Baptist University
Location: The Ebby
Time: Sunday 7:00-8:30pm

Other Dallas Colleges (ODC)
Location: Watermark West Tower on the 3rd Floor
Time: Sunday 7:00-8:30pm

University of Texas @ Dallas
Location: ATEC 2.101
Time: Mondays*** 7:00-8:30pm

Upcoming Events