What Sort Of Lunch Can You Buy For $1.40? A Hunger Month Experiment.

The first Tuesday of every month our staff gathers together for lunch, prayer, praise, and fellowship. Typically we enjoy lunch from a local eatery, but this month our external focus team had something different in store for our team. Being that June is hunger month, we were each given $1.40 (the amount per meal that a person living on government assistance receives,) put into groups of four to six people, and sent out to purchase our lunch with the small fund given to us.

It was challenging to find a lunch that was filling (much less nutritional  on such a small budget, but the experiment was a powerful and eyeopening one for our staff. Below you’ll find a few images of what we were able to purchase. Our hope is that these images will encourage you to get involved in some of the various ways Watermark is fighting hunger during the month of June. Be sure to check out this link to see how you can get involved.


watermark-hunger-month-2013 6

watermark-hunger-month-2013 7

watermark-hunger-month-2013 8

watermark-hunger-month-2013 3

watermark-hunger-month-2013 4

watermark-hunger-month-2013 5

watermark-hunger-month-2013 1


What ways have you and your family been involved  in hunger month? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

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