Seeds of Christmas: A 2017 Family Advent Guide

"Seeds of Christmas: A Family Advent Guide"

Seeds of Christmas: A Family Advent Guide (Downloadable PDF)

Recently, I read a blog post entitled "Christmas Is Too Big for One Day" in which the author states that the Christmas story is more than just a few paragraphs in Luke 2 that Linus recites in "A Charlie Brown Christmas". We couldn't agree more! Reading Luke 2 on Christmas morning is like opening to the last page of a book to see how the story ends, but this story is too good, too amazing to miss out on each and every step of the journey!

A Family Advent Guide

We want to invite you on a journey for the next 22 days through the big story of God’s amazing plan for creation using "The Seeds of Christmas: A Family Advent Guide". As we count down the days to Christmas, our hope is that God would use this guide to give you a better understanding of God’s purposes in the world, grow the seeds of faith in your hearts and plant new seeds of faith in the hearts of your children. Using the metaphor of a seed, we’ll watch how God used the seeds of His Word, faith, hope, prophecy and courage to move His plan toward that first Christmas morning. We’ll also see how the enemy used the seeds of doubt, fear, and sin to poison the hearts of people, and how Jesus came to defeat that enemy for us!

How To Use This Guide

A few thoughts on how to use this family advent guide. First, just use it. Our hope is that you would make a commitment to, at the very least, read through the Scripture each day for the next 22 days. Be encouraged from the truths of God’s Word that, like a seed, will never return void. We want this to be “doable” for your family, so do what is best, but do something.

Second, we have fashioned this in the tradition of “The Jesse Tree” (click here if you've never heard of such a thing). Each day, your family will have an opportunity to draw/color an ornament to hang on the tree that tells a little piece of the story of Christmas. A "Jesse Tree" can be something as simple as a dead branch from your yard or it could be a small Christmas tree you buy. Either way, find a way to display the ornaments for each day of these next 22 days. The final pages of the guide are some blank ornaments that you can print out, draw on, cut out and hang from your tree using some string or ribbon.

Lastly, we want to encourage you to use the music of Seeds Family Worship as a way of worshipping together as a family, filling your home with the truths of God’s Word. Each day ends with a chance to listen to a song from either their new Seeds of Christmas album or another one. You can purchase these songs on iTunes (list and links below) or listen to them on Spotify on the “Seeds of Christmas Advent Listening" playlist). Have these songs ready to go as you sit down to do your family reading each day.

Our Hope

We hope that these next 22 days will draw you closer to the Savior we sing about and worship not just at Christmas but all year long! May the Lord bring about an increase from the seeds of Christmas planted in our hearts!

Seeds of Christmas Advent Song List (all songs by Seeds Family Worship)

“To Us a Child Is Born” from Seeds of Christmas

“God Is Creator” from The Character of God

“The Wages and The Gift” from Seeds of Character

“To the Ends of the Earth” from Seeds of Christmas

“Call to Me” from Seeds of Courage

“Out of the Mud” from Seeds of Courage

“Teach Them” from Seeds of Character

“Call His Name Immanuel” from Seeds of Christmas

“We Trust” from The Character of God

“New Creation” from Seeds of Faith

“God Is Faithful” from The Character of God

“Grace (La-De-Da)" from Seeds of Faith

“Mary’s Song of Praise” from Seeds of Christmas

“God With Us” from Seeds of Christmas

“Joy” from Seeds of Christmas

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