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Corona can’t stop the Church! Every day at noon, as schools and workplaces are closed, Todd Wagner is sharing biblical truth to encourage and spur you on to honor Christ even in the unusual circumstances we are facing in the midst of COVID-19. Similar to Real Truth. Real Quick. videos, the daily devotionals will focus on timely, relevant topics and questions answered with biblical truth in a short video format.

Each day, we will be reminded of the hope and joy we can find in Christ, regardless of circumstance and struggle, and pointed towards to the ultimate truth in God’s word. After each live devotional, Todd will also be hosting a Q&A style talk, answering questions you may have in this season like, “How should a Christian react to COVID-19?” or “How do I cure anxiety?”

Since you may have a little extra time on your hands, we’d love for you join us during your WFH lunch break on Instagram daily at 12PM CST at @WatermarkChurch or @WordsfromWags

A Challenge to Keep Your Behavior Excellent

How should a Christian act in this season of COVID-19? Todd Wagner shares encouragement to believers to keep behavior excellent and how to stand apart from others who don’t have the same hope in the gospel of Christ.

How To Ease Anxiety

Do you feel increased anxiety because of current events and news involving the coronavirus? Do you struggle with anxiety even during your “normal” routine and life? Todd Wagner talks through Philippians 4:9 and shares how we can be “4:9 individuals” in times of crisis or normalcy by trusting in the peace of God.

Ask, Seek, Knock

What should we ask, seek, and knock for in times like this? A relationship with God. God is asking and seeking for you to know Him. With truth from Matthew 7, Todd encourages you to seek an intimate relationship with Christ - amidst normalcy or national emergency. Keep talking to your Heavenly Father, church!

Be A Good King

Todd Wagner encourages us to be a good king and stay in the word! In times of crisis and uncertainty, it is important for Christians to know and be familiar with God's word to honor the Lord and serve those around you.