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Plano Launch

We joyfully celebrate the Lord’s powerful work through the local body of believers at our Plano campus. Over the last five years at the Plano campus, through the transforming power of a relationship with Jesus Christ, the hurting and broken have found healing and recovery at Plano’s re:generation ministry, marriages have been restored through the re|engage ministry, men and women have formed deep authentic relationships with each other, been equipped, and fallen more in love with our Savior through the men’s and women’s equipping ministries, and the next generation of fully devoted followers of Christ have been discipled through Kids’ Ministry and Plano Students. That is just a fraction of the remarkable work the Lord has done in and through His people at the Plano campus.

Over the last five years, the Lord has also generously provided faithful Campus Shepherds and staff leaders who are fully equipped to shepherd the flock He has entrusted to them (1 Peter 5:2). Watermark’s Elders have grown in their conviction that, all things being equal, a healthy, independent, local church is more effective than a healthy satellite campus of a multisite church. So in light of God’s provision of committed, faithful Campus Shepherds and a growing church body that is prepared to shepherd those the Lord entrusts to them, the Watermark Elders have determined that the Plano campus leadership is fully prepared to operate as an independent, local church, beginning January 1, 2021.

Some of the reasons why the Elders believe that the Lord has prepared the Plano leadership team for this new work are as follows:

  • The Membership in Plano has faithfully assumed full ownership of the doctrine, culture, and work of the ministry.
  • Biblically qualified Elder leadership has been present and ready in Plano for years with Grant MacQuilkan, Johnathan Collins, Kyle Kaigler, and Rob Barry serving as Plano Campus Shepherds. The Campus Shepherds will be presented to the Plano body for feedback and prayer as part of the transition process at a future date. Additionally, current Watermark Elder, Brian Buchek, who was previously a Plano Campus Shepherd, will return as an Elder of the new Watermark Plano church.
  • Leaders across every ministry area are equipped and completely capable of serving those the Lord has entrusted to the Plano campus and continuing the work of being and making disciples. (2 Timothy 2:2)
  • The Lord has provided Members who have faithfully stewarded His resources toward this mission, and the Plano body is now capable of financially sustaining its ministry.
  • The Elders and Campus Shepherds have confidence in the staff team to effectively lead the church in Plano.
  • Moving to independence will allow the Plano staff to dedicate 100% of their time and energy to the leadership of the mission.
  • To find out more, check out the Plano Campus Update FAQ.

Plano Campus Launch FAQs

What will change when Watermark Plano launches as an independent local church?

A simple phrase to remember is “Same Church, Local Leadership, and Local Teaching.” Almost everything about our church will stay the same! Our Doctrinal Statement, mid-week ministries, commitment to community, and nine core values will all stay the same. The main difference will be the transfer of leadership from Watermark’s Elders to Watermark Plano Elders. It is the Elders’ conviction that biblically qualified Elder leadership has been present and ready in Plano for years with Grant MacQuilkan, Johnathan Collins, Kyle Kaigler, and Rob Barry serving as Plano Campus Shepherds. The Campus Shepherds will be presented to the Plano body for feedback and prayer as part of the transition process at a future date. Additionally, current Watermark Elder Brian Buchek, who was previously a Plano Campus Shepherd, will return as an Elder of the new Watermark Plano church.

Why did the Elders decide to launch the Plano campus as an independent local church?

After years of prayer and constant conversation, the Elders have all come to a conviction that, all things being equal, a healthy independent church is better than a healthy satellite. Your local Plano leadership agrees with this conviction. Here are the primary drivers:

  • Plano is ready: The Elders and local leadership in Plano all believe that the Plano campus is mature in its leadership, membership, and financial sustainability and ready to be its own independent campus.
  • Leadership Development: We believe independence will allow us to make disciples more effectively by giving the Members of our body new and significant leadership roles and responsibilities in ways not previously necessary or available.
  • Multiplication: We believe the best way to reach Collin County is out of a church based in Collin County.
  • Efficiency: Currently our Plano staff spends a significant number of hours in coordination with the Dallas campus. The move to independence will allow us to put more effort, energy, and hours towards serving the needs of our local body and Collin County.
  • Contextualization: By moving to independence, we will be able to serve our local body and address the specific needs of our church and community more effectively.
  • Flexibility: As effective as streaming Sunday morning messages has been, moving to independence will allow us to be more flexible and creative as we gather on Sunday mornings.
Will the existing staff leadership of the Plano campus change?

Our ministry staff will largely remain intact and continue to lead as they have previously with a couple of exceptions.

  • Kyle Kaigler will move into the role of Senior Pastor in place of Campus Pastor.
  • We will add an Operations Coordinator to take over the centralized services that the Dallas campus has historically provided.
  • David Gentiles has stepped in as our Worship Director. We are excited for David to join our team and for Hayden Browning to head back to the Dallas campus to continue serving, writing, and leading as part of the new Watermark worship initiative, Watermark Music.
Will Sunday teaching change?

Historically, we have streamed most weekend messages from the Dallas campus so that all four Watermark campuses were aligned. Moving forward, we are excited to have live, local teaching from a gifted teaching team that will include Derek Mathews (who is returning to Plano staff as Teaching Pastor), as well as Jeff Parker, and Kyle Kaigler.

Will we change the name of the campus?

In January 2021, Watermark Plano will become CityBridge Community Church. With a new name comes a new identity for a unique opportunity. As we become an independent church, we desire to be even more effective as a bridge for the gospel to reach our surrounding cities. Our mission is unchanged: to call all people to full devotion in Jesus Christ.

CityBridge will continue the faithful legacy of Watermark Community Church. We believe changing our name is the best next step for our body as we establish our identity as an independent, local church. We hope this will create more ease and less confusion for our current and future members as we differentiate ourselves from the Dallas campus.

What will happen to the Phase Two Building Project?

We will stay the course and finish what we started 18 months ago! As of July 15, 2020, we have chosen Talley-Riggins as our contractor and are moving towards breaking ground in early November. With the money we have in hand we will be able to complete the following projects:

  • North wall indoor/outdoor community/family area
  • Indoor play area with adjacent seating
  • Expansion of Frontlines room to accommodate Sunday morning mid-size groups
  • Five additional classrooms for kids and mid-week ministries
  • Office expansion and upgrade
  • Campus rebranding and interior finishes

Although timing on construction projects can be difficult, especially due to COVID-19 and the supply chain issues it has created, we are targeting a completion date of early 2021.

Additionally, we are excited that the Elders decided this week to further invest in the mission in Plano by contributing $500,000 to our Phase Two Building Project. It is important to remind Plano campus Members that 100% of the money given to Plano from Plano Members has been used only for the Plano campus for the last five years.

What about the financial stability of Watermark Plano?

Our church has taken great strides to be financially independent over the last two years. Our giving increased by 4% over the previous year which allowed us to finish the fiscal year with an estimated $50,000 surplus over our budget of $3.4 million.

Additionally, our Members are currently giving at a level that allows us to be financially stable, and we are excited to increase our independence upon the faithfulness of our Plano body to continue sustaining the mission at Watermark Plano. When we launch to independence, Watermark will provide us with a three-month operating reserve.

In view of the launch and COVID-19, our leadership asked our staff to forego raises and to double down on the budgeting process this year. Overall, we have reduced our ministry budgets for the upcoming year as we prepare to take ownership of centralized operation costs and account for unforeseen launch costs. The bottom line: our 2020-2021 budget is the same as 2019-2020.

How can I help Watermark Plano prepare to launch?

We have already seen a multitude of people in our body step up to use their area of expertise (branding, interior design, landscape, IT, A/V) as we move towards the launch. We are going to need “all hands on deck” as we launch our new church. Specifically, we are looking to build volunteer teams in the following areas: administration, tech arts, worship arts, facilities, and external focus.

What will happen to community groups and student small groups that have both Plano and Dallas Members?

The Elders and Campus Shepherds recognize their calling to shepherd well the flock of God that are in their local church. For students already in a small group, they will be able to stay in those groups through high school graduation, if they choose. Student groups established starting this fall will be specific to the Plano campus.

For adults in groups that have only Plano Members nothing will change. However, for groups that have a mix of Dallas, Frisco, and Plano campus Members, over the next two years we want groups to intentionally move toward a single church, be it Watermark Community Church Dallas, Frisco, or Watermark Plano. This could be done through multiplication or division of community groups, or everyone in the community group choosing to commit to one church. The community staffs at Dallas, Frisco, and Plano are committed to helping your group accomplish any of these paths. Any new Plano community groups starting now will only include Plano Members.

What will the relationship with Watermark be after the launch?

There is consideration being given to some form of a formal network but with no thought of any kind of denominational structure. We are certain that the deep affection, shared learnings, and mutual encouragement will continue to make both churches everything our Savior desires them to be.

Will I have to do the Membership Class process again after the launch?

No. Because our church will continue to hold the exact same values, covenant, and doctrinal statement, there would be no need for our Members to go through the Membership process again.

How can I stay up to date on the launch?