Calvin Strain, Class of ’17, real estate investor:
“I felt called to full-time vocational ministry. The Fellowship was an opportunity to explore that calling and learn theology at the same time. It was one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life, and I am grateful for the experience and the lifelong friendships I made.”

Connor Baxter, Class of ’17, Watermark Community Team Staff:
“The Fellowship deepened my love for the Lord and knowledge of His Word (Matthew 22:37). It is full of people who love the Lord and are learning how to better love and lead others in the context of vocational ministry. Ministry is often ‘caught, not taught’, and this was learning by doing.”

Connor Boyd, class of ’17, Studying at Hebrew University in Jerusalem:
“The Fellowship was an opportunity for hands-on ministry with a staff family filled with wisdom, encouragement, and a commitment to further God's Kingdom.”

Kirby Wagner, class of ’17, Watermark Equipping Team:
“There is no better way that I could have spent this last year. I gained a deeper love for God, a greater knowledge of His Word, and new passion to pass it on.”

Dinah Smith, class of ’17, Watermark Worship Team:
“The best part of The Fellowship was finding new intimacy with Jesus. Learning His Word and being with His people resulted in a deeper understanding of who God is.”

Jayson Fisher, Class of ’17, Watermark Plano Frontlines Team:
“I knew I wanted to work within the church, but needed a place where I could get practical ministry experience and receive feedback on my performance. In my previous position in ministry, there was very little oversight, so I was not able to gauge if I was an effective minister of the gospel and shepherd of those I was leading. The Fellowship allowed me to jump into the ‘deep end’ of ministry while having access to a mentor to help sharpen my gifts.

“The Fellowship is rewarding, hard work, and it requires great sacrifices of your time, resources, and energy. I would seek counsel from former Watermark Fellows and your own community of friends as you prayerfully ask the Lord if The Fellowship is the right step in your life. I am thankful for this opportunity to learn and jump into challenging ministry situations.”