The Residency

The Residency provides biblical training, discipleship, and real-life ministry experience for recent college graduates (typically 22 – 24 years old) who are interested in discovering more about vocational ministry. The residency is a ten-month long deep dive into the Word of God, theology, church leadership, and hands on experience.

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Who we are: Followers of Christ, Watermark Residents

Watermark is a local church committed to helping others become fully-devoted followers of Christ. We exist to reach the unchurched, de-churched, dead-churched and unmoved, and to encourage, equip, serve, and sustain those already devoted to Christ. Unofficially we are the second-best place to work in Dallas (just ask the Dallas Morning News). Officially, we are biblically-based, grounded in grace, passionate about prayer, authentic in our walks, committed to the uncommitted and the larger community, and focused on being used by God to advance His Kingdom. If you thought that was a mouthful… it was. The calling, convictions, commitments, and core values of Watermark are essential to who we are and what we do. We encourage you to read Watermark’s full doctrinal statement here and our vision and values here.

What we do:

Our Fellows and Residents alike are immediately treated like full members of our team and owners of our ministries. We work with professionalism and high trust. Residents are entrusted with meaningful responsibilities and will receive real ministry and leadership experience over the course of the year.


Schedule: The Residency runs from August 2019 to May 2020.

Monday (optional): Director teaching
Tuesday: Community time, Staff Prayer, Ministry team meeting, class time
One Friday morning each month: Theology and Apologetics


Old and New Testament, Systematic Theology, and Apologetics. Residents will learn how to read and teach the Bible while they are studying it cover to cover. In addition to Old and New Testament surveys, you will also learn a biblical worldview and become prepared to answer the most commonly asked questions about the Christian faith. It is an intense workload, but can you think of anything better to study?


Residents commit to one full day on-campus for Community time, Staff Prayer, Ministry team meetings, and class time. Residents are also required to serve at least 10 additional hours each week with their teams. They are also encouraged to jump in as various opportunities are made available to them through specific ministries and church-wide.


Residents are placed on teams that are appropriate for their age and experience. Those ministry teams include: Children, Students, Worship Arts, and College.


Watermark works to partner with members of their body and City North Apartments to find housing accommodations for each Resident. A Resident’s weekly commitment allows margin to maintain employment outside the church. There are also part-time opportunities at Watermark with our Training Ground ministry, Watermark Coffee, as well as our Facilities team. We strongly advise you not to apply if you have a considerable amount of student or consumer debt.

Seminary Credit Available:



Thank you for your interest in the Watermark Institute! Applications for the 2020-2021 class will open on November 1, 2019.

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