All too often we think we have to jump on a plane and head overseas to be missional, but what if I told you missional is a way of life? We want to help you see missional living as a way of daily leveraging the relationships you have to point others to Christ.

Unashamed is a local discipleship trip designed to equip you to be more effective at engaging missionally in your community through training, small group discussion, and hands-on experience. Being a part of Unashamed is a big commitment, think of it like training for an international discipleship trip! Before the weekend away, you’ll spend three sessions together getting equipped to engage with the world around you. Once trained, your group will spend 48 hours at an Urban Mission Center in Oak Cliff. The weekend will be packed with fun, fellowship, and challenging situations as you are stretched outside of your comfort zone. It’s our hope that you will catch a glimpse of all that God is doing in this city and how you can join him on mission.

We know that sharing your faith can feel awkward at first, so we are here to help you learn how to share your faith with authenticity. Here’s a rundown of all that you are signing up for.