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Unashamed is a weekend-long urban discipleship trip, with the mission of helping Watermark members be more effective at living out their faith all year long and wherever they are.

Please join us for one of our upcoming trips. It will be a packed weekend that will include a prayer tour, worship, serving, and sharing Christ with those in our city. If the thought of doing this makes you nervous, please don't worry! We spend time training and resourcing you on how to share your faith with authenticity. Whether you are new to sharing your faith or a season pro, we guarantee that this weekend will be impactful, and as we’ve seen with past participants, may change your perspective about evangelism and serving others!. If you have any questions about a trip or serving with us, please feel free to contact us.

“We don’t have to go to another country to share the Gospel, there is so much brokenness here.”- Holly (September 2015)

“This was a healthy kick in the pants to get out of my comfort zone and share with people.”- James (September 2015)

“This was the best weekend ever!”- Ashton (September 2015)

“I expected more resistance if you walk up to people, but if you start asking questions they are more receptive …People don’t mind talking to someone if you are genuinely interested .” – Jack (September 2015)

“I was a 1 on excited going into this weekend. I am very selfish with my time and my weeks are stressful...I asked myself, ‘Why am I being so negative?’. Just being friendly to people, it’s not a big deal just to talk to someone. It doesn’t have to be awkward or hard to do. I’m leaving refreshed and excited.”- Jenny (April 2015)

“Unashamed was a weekend of ‘firsts’ for me. For the first time I: shared the Gospel, defended the Gospel, and led someone to Christ.” – Morgan (November 2014)