e3 in Ethiopia

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Our Ethiopia Partnership

Through our relationship with E3 Partners, Watermark members help plant churches, build relationships, and share the gospel directly in Ethiopian villages and cities. Our Discipleship Trips to Ethiopia focus largely on evangelism and relationship-building in partnership with indigenous churches. Our trips to Ethiopia take place each summer, but selection begins each fall.

Get information on upcoming information sessions and trip applications at our Discipleship Trips page.

More on Ethiopia Training and Trips

Watermark members have seen hundreds of individuals make decisions for Christ in the last several years. Following our trips each summer, the local churches continue those relationships and discipleship opportunities.

You can get a great picture of what's been happening through blog posts from past trips at watermarkblogs.org/africa (use the links on the side to choose past Ethiopia trips).

Because of the intense nature of these trips and the training required, several months preparation is involved. But this also allows Ethiopia teams to bond well before serving together in such amazing ways, halfway around the world! e3 Partners handles selection and training for these Discipleship Trips directly, so please contact Watermark member and e3 mobilizer Tim Coblentz at tim.coblentz@e3partners.org for more information.

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