Foundation Groups FAQ

What type of commitment is required for these groups?

The best foundation groups get together 4-6 times per month. They meet twice per month in the home of the leader couple to walk through the curriculum and then 2-4 additional times each month for accountability, social connection and service. At the very least, you will need to plan on this being a weekly commitment.

What type of curriculum do you go through in a foundation group?

The curriculum is put in place as a guide for your group, but it is not meant to restrict your group from traveling outside of the set curriculum to discuss the day to day issues that come up as newly married couples. Here is a general overview of what is covered:

  • Community
  • Biblical view of marriage
  • Communication & Conflict
  • Finances & Stewardship
  • Physical Intimacy

Where do foundation groups meet?

Foundation groups meet in the home of the mentor couple. If you have children, you will be responsible for child care as it is not provided for each foundation group since all of them meet off site.

How do I join a foundation group?

To be placed in a group you will first need to complete the membership process:

  • Attend the two-week membership class where you'll be able to schedule a time to share your testimony and sign our membership covenant.
  • Share your testimony
  • Confirm an area of service

To be placed in a foundation group following the kickoff, our expectation is that you will have completed both membership classes and signed the covenant prior to attending.

What’s the difference between Married GroupLink and the Foundation Group Kickoff? Do I need to attend both?

While Married GroupLink is also for married couples who want to join a community group, the Foundation Group Kickoff is for couples who have been married less than 3 years. It is only one day, while GroupLink is multiple weeks in a row. It is a requirement to attend either GroupLink or the Kickoff in order to be in a community group, but you do not need to attend both.

If you’ve already been in a Foundation Group but you’ve been married less than three years, please attend Married GroupLink to join a community group or add to a current one.