Family Discipleship Guide

for Give & Go Boxes!

This year we're packing boxes to help our local Ministry Partners as they serve in our city! You can pick up a white box and choose a packing list during weekend services. If you'd like to deliver your box(es) directly to the partner, you often can. Or turn boxes in during a weekend service by Dec. 15.

Below you'll find ways to be intentional with your family as you build Give & Go Boxes. Pick the ideas that fit your family best, or make up your own!

Talk about the Principles & Engage God's Word

Discuss any or all of the following topics with your family, using Bible stories and scripture as much as possible.

  • How local ministries use these items to build relationships and minister to people in our town. (You'll find info on the packing list flier.)
  • Why we serve those who are less fortunate
  • Being thankful for what God has given us
  • Materialism / Loving "stuff" too much
  • Sharing with others
  • Sacrificing for others
  • The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)
  • The Wise Men giving gifts to Jesus (Matthew 2:1-12)
  • Jesus' own lack of "stuff" when He was born (Luke 2:1-20)

Fill the Box Intentionally!

Give & Go Boxes are a great chance for your kids to get involved at an age-appropriate AND sacrificial level. Your entire family can share their "time, talents, and treasures" to give a gift to someone in our city. Some examples:

  • Take your child to the store to pick out items for the box. Encourage them to pick items they might like to receive themselves.
  • Teach your children about following directions (on the packing list flier). By following directions, we can help others in ways that help best!
  • If your household has an unused or gently used item that is requested for your box, show your child that sometimes we can give our own things away.
  • Encourage your child to include items that connect with their "talents" - drawing a picture, writing a poem or story, taking a photo, decorating the box, including something connected to their hobby, etc..
  • Let your child participate in sacrificially giving to this project. Maybe they can do extra chores to earn money, or pull from their own piggy banks to buy materials and toys. (Of course, seeing Mom or Dad do the same is a good thing!) Even if all they can afford is the $1 white box, allowing a child to invest while they serve is a great learning opportunity.
  • For older kids, encourage them to dream up ways to earn money, get a lot of friends involved, throw a Packing Party, or otherwise take Give & Go Boxes "to the next level"!

Follow Your Boxes

  • Visit the Ministry Partner. Many Boxes offer the opportunity to serve with the ministry, or at least drop your box off at the ministry. This is a great way to involve your kids and give them a vision for how your box is helping serve others.
  • Help us hand out or collect boxes at Watermark. You and your kids can be on the receiving end of all those boxes, helping us give out information and collect Give & Go Boxes from other Watermark members! Sign up here

Pray for the People Who Will Receive Your Boxes

Spend significant time praying for the people who will receive each box, their families, and the Ministry Partner! This could include putting a prayer reminder up in your house, to see throughout the holiday season. You can usually learn a lot about a Ministry Partner by visiting their web site, as well.

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