Processing Spiritual Growth With Your Community Group

4B Discussion Guide

Now that you have completed your 4B Spiritual Growth Assessment, you are just getting started! We know that spiritual growth happens best in the context of relationships, so we ask that each community group devote at least one session to working through results as a group.

What To Do:

Step 1: Forward the PDF results to each member of your group

Step 2: Read each member’s results prior to meeting

As you are reading, take note of the following:

  • Are you surprised or confused by any of their answers?
  • How can you encourage this person by pointing out where you’ve seen them excel?
  • In what areas do they need you to pray for them and hold them accountable?
  • What are their next steps for spiritual growth? i.e., re:gen, re|engage, equipping classes, more accountability in the spiritual disciplines, etc.

Pay special attention to the following:

  • Essentials of the Christian faith…are there any responses with which this member has disagreed?
  • Does this person have any outstanding membership requirements?
  • Where is this person serving, whether inside or outside of Watermark?
  • Does my community group meet the criteria for a Watermark Community Group?
    • Criteria: the group includes at least three couples (for married groups) or three people (for singles groups), and all are members

Step 3: Meet with your group to discuss each other’s results and share any notes or observations. Write down next steps or action items from the discussion.

Step 4: Commit to revisiting these next steps/action items in six months.