Community Formation FAQ

Community Formation

Looking for a community group? Join us at Community Formation!

At Community Formation, we partner with you to create a fun and friendly environment where you can connect with others in your area and life-stage to form a new Watermark Community Group. Community Formation is for both men, women, and married Members.

Do I need to be a Member to attend?

Yes, the formation process is for individuals at Watermark who have completed every step of the Membership process, except finding a community group. For more about the Membership process, go to

Who typically attends Community Formation?

New members who have recently completed the Membership process will jump directly into Community Formation. Existing members may also join the Community Formation process if their group is looking to add members, or if their group has recently disbanded.

What will Community Formation look like?

Community Formation has three components: connecting, teaching, and discussion. Each month, we’ll give you a chance to connect with others in your same life stage, hear teaching on topics related to biblical community and life, and discuss what you’re learning in a small group setting.

Is there Kids’ Ministry?

Yes, Kids’ Ministry will be available during Community Formation.

How often do I attend?

Every month members will have an opportunity to connect with others in their season of life and geographic area. The more you attend, the more chances you will have to meet others. If that process happens over several months, we think that is time well spent!

If you identify other members that you would like to be in a community group with, we encourage you to continue attending Community Formation. Once we have enough eligible members in your group and an identified leader you will be ready to kick off. We will formally launch new groups twice a year.

Do I need to RSVP?

Yes! This will help us strategically introduce you to others in your season of life and geographic area. Please RSVP to one of our events below.


We'd love to help! Contact Andrea Stahl for more information.

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