Kendall Williams

Equipping Events & Join the Journey Volunteers Assistant

Meet Kendall

I grew up in Crandall, Texas and it was there that I came to know Jesus as my personal Savior at eight years old. From a young age I remember being met with the reality of the effects of sin, and my lack of control and knew that “there had to be more to life than this!” I remember seeing the people around me broken, hopeless, and driven to define truth by their circumstances. I knew that what I heard others around me say about God wasn’t aligned with who God said HE was. This stuck with me, and ever since I have made it my delight to clarify the God of the Bible who offers forgiveness to the sinner and refuge for the weak.
It was through Watermark’s College Ministry that I had my first taste of community back in 2017 and I jumped all in. It was through serving that I felt like I was doing exactly what God created me to do! You may have seen me in Watermark College Ministry, Training Grounds, Unashamed or even Watermark Coffeeshop, but now, God has allowed me to roll on staff. If you see me around, I am the girl with the “Temporary” tattoo on her neck (Yes, it is real), and in my free time I am probably drinking an overpriced latte somewhere, or outside enjoying music and games with friends!

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