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Josh Wilhite

Director of Equipping

Meet Josh

I spent most of my life in Michigan and in Pennsylvania. My Dad was a youth pastor who developed a wilderness ministry on the side, so my summers were full of week-long wilderness expeditions with a variety of ministry leaders.

It's pretty crazy how a kid can float through those environments and never really engage personally with the gospel, and I struggled with confusion and doubt until my early teen years. A guy stepped into my life at that point who took me under his wing and discipled me for what would become an 8-year run of weekly life-on-life dialogue. He helped me unpack my confusion around the gospel and to step into an active relationship with Jesus. He also helped me to capture a vision for discipleship and for the local church as a place where believers are truly equipped to be and make healthy disciples (Eph 4:11-16).

I met Gwen in Bible college and we were married in 2001. We put 10 years into student ministries in Plymouth, MI, but what felt like it might be the long game turned out not to be. God used Psalm 90:12 to blow up our stability and the result was a huge faith jump to attend Dallas Theological Seminary while working full time for 4 years in the corporate world.

During that time our family was getting schooled on what healthy biblically community and full devotion to Christ can really look like in a local church setting at Watermark Plano. I’d need an hour to unpack all the ways God’s kindness is evident in our journey to working at Watermark, but Gwen, my three daughters, and I are so happy to be a part of moving the ball forward here.

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