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Bekah Schouten


Meet Bekah

Growing up as a pastor’s kid, I constantly felt like I was in the spotlight. So I made church my stage. I put on a performance every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night, wearing my best clothes and putting on my best behavior. I looked good and like I was doing good, and I thought that was enough. But when I pulled back the curtain, it was all empty, and so was I.

When that church in Michigan I had grown up in took a turn for the worse and forced my father out, I lost my faith in God’s people and, in some ways, God Himself. I walked away from the church for six years, seeking attention and affirmation to try to fill me up. I was lonely and miserable and complacent.

Thankfully, we serve a loving God who never stops pursuing us, and He got my attention in 2018 when my husband decided to join the US Army and I had to give up everything I was distracting myself with. We sold the house we had just purchased a year before, moved from Kansas City, MO, to Texas, and within a month of moving, my husband was off to boot camp and training for 13 months.

I was alone in a brand-new place, and the only person I knew in the area was a friend from college who went to Watermark. I had nothing and no one else, so I started to attend Watermark with her. I quickly realized that this church was actually doing what the Church should do! I fell back in love with God’s people, and through membership, Bible study, serving, and community at Watermark, I learned what it really is to love God, live for Him and live life to the fullest, not just to look good for other people. I could finally rest in knowing God did not require a perfect performance from me.

Now, I get to work as a writer on staff at Watermark, telling the story of how the Lord is moving through this body of believers and reclaiming those who were lost like I was. And I am so excited to be part of His story.

Quick facts: I married a wonderful man of God named Josh in 2013, we had our precious daughter Emery in 2020, and we have a pug named Roofus. I love all things sparkly, animal print, Disney and french fry related. And people. People are my favorite.

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