Parker Robb

Wake Men's Coordinator

Meet Parker

I am originally from Coppell, Texas. I am the middle child of 3 kids. Our family raised us on how to be involved in church and serve. I understood my sin and need for Jesus for salvation at the age of 8.

Most of middle and high school consisted of getting involved at church. However, most of my time in youth ministry was doing the right things for the wrong motives. I saw church as more of a social club and to promote myself rather than serve others. I often found myself in cyclical periods of spiritual highs but continued to live my life with a mask on and hiding sin from family and friends.

After high school, I attended Baylor University. Baylor was when the Lord began to change a lot in my heart. My view of Him, community, and the importance of the church. During my junior year of college, I learned more of what it looked like to have a daily relationship with God, confessed sin regularly, built Christ-centered community, and served in the church.

I spent all of my 4 summers in college working at Pine Cove Christian Camps. It was through Pine Cove that God revealed a desire to go into full-time vocational ministry. As I looked to life past college, I decided to apply to the Watermark Institute, a 10-month discipleship program. Through the application process, I confessed hidden sin that brought me to repentance and a year of seeking healing from brokenness in my past and current sin struggles.

In August 2020, I for the first time completely surrendered my life to God and trusted that his plan was greater than my own. In that year, I worked in Electronic Sales and got plugged in at Watermark. Through that year, I learned what it looked like to place my trust in God and to depend on him for every moment of my life. In February 2021, I decided to re-apply to the Watermark Institute and through the program God revealed more of who I am and how amazing he truly is. I fell in love with God and his Word while being built up as a leader.

Shortly after the Institute, I moved into a full-time position on the Wake Team. Student Ministry has been transformative for my relationship with God. I want to provide a place where students feel known, accepted, and where they can stay at home in the love of God.

In my free time, I love to go hiking, be outdoors, and spend time with my friends. I am an ultra-coffee snob and actively look for the best coffee around the world. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

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