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Rachel Sarmiento

Kids Midweek Director

Meet Rachel

I was a band nerd at Duncanville High School. "Ain't no band like a D'ville Band." My face is probably most familiar to you because I served you a cup of coffee at the Watermark Coffee Shop. My favorite drink there is an 8oz perfectly micro-foamed latte steamed to 145 degrees (Seattle temperature). It’s not on the menu but you should try it sometime. #coffeesnob

I accepted Jesus at 17. Fully grasped the concept of grace when I was 25 and started pursing a deep relationship with him by abiding in Him daily and not focusing inwardly but focusing on serving and loving others (John 15:1-17). I struggle with pride daily and only think I need him when things I grasp on to control get tangled and messed up. Good thing He is patient (2 Peter 3:9) because I'm still learning to submitted and let Him lead in all aspects in my life (Psalms 37:5). I'm a recovering Pharisee. I believed the lie that I was being righteous by following the parts of Scriptures that were convenient for me when I should be living according to all of God's Word. In reality I was being self-righteous. Yes, I thought I knew it all and definitely thought I was holier than most. God has really soften my heart. I would love to share that part of story more in detail over a great cup of coffee.

In 2007, God had big plans for me. I got accepted into DTS and started my first semester that fall and also a part time gig working the Watermark Coffee Shop. Through the Watermark staff and His body, I began to see and desire to live a life I could authentically and openly live without the chains of guilt and shame. In 2014 I came onto staff as the Membership Assistant and one of my favorite things to do is connect others in my life with a common thread. I would love the opportunity to sit, hear your story and connect you to a body of believers that love, challenge and purse glorifying His name daily.

I enjoy sharing His story of grace. Equipped Disciple has helped me build my confidence to share the gospel and gave me practical steps in how to daily practice the spiritual disciplines. Let's be honest, I still totally get nervous every time I share the gospel but my boldness and courage come from Him (John 14:27). Since I'm a thinker, I also am interested in processing the hard questions of the faith but totally okay with not having solid answers. God gets to be mysterious and if I knew all answers to the deep questions of life I would probably have a severe case of brain freeze!

If you are passionate about sharing the gospel or enjoy processing with others on questions about Christianity I would love to serve alongside of you on the Testimony Team and Great Questions.

Random Facts about me: I love to bake and I study cookbooks like they are University textbooks. I will totally accept a challenge from you on a bake off. Name the time, place and secret on! I love to laugh out loud...loudly! I like to listen to: R&B, Country and Pop music. Waking up to a hot cup of black coffee to spend quiet time with my Savior while sitting outside equals perfect start of the day.

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