Ryleigh Myhill

Preschool Coordinator

Meet Ryleigh

I grew up in Round Rock, TX in a family that clearly modeled what discipleship within the family looks like. By the Lord’s grace and sovereignty this led me to becoming a believer very early on in my childhood. It wasn’t until my later middle school years when I started to be discipled by older women where they consistently invested in me spiritually, that I began to learn what it looks like to actively grow in deeper intimacy with the Lord.

I went to Baylor where I studied elementary education and spent my four summers in college working at Pine Cove and hanging with middle schoolers. I learned how much I have been living a life bogged down by complacency, comfort and fear. The Lord used my time at Pine Cove to grow me in a greater dependence on the Lord and draw me into deeper intimacy with him. This led me to doing the Forge at Pine Cove which equipped me to walk in the abundant freedom of the Lord, have a deeper confidence and contentment of who He has made me to be but ultimately a deeply rooted confidence of who the Lord is. This was a huge steppingstone in making me realize the heart and passion I have for relational ministry, and next thing that I knew the Lord in his faithfulness and kindness led me here to Watermark!

In my spare time you can find me enjoying time outside in the sunshine either on a walk or a scooter, baking a sweet treat for friends, as an oatmeal enthusiastic perfecting the perfect bowl of oatmeal or always being a loyal fan to the Dallas Cowboys.

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