Michael Lewis

College Men's Coordinator

Meet Michael

Born and raised in the State of Mississippi, I’m about as passionate a Mississippi State University fan as you will find. Though originally from Jackson; Starkville, Mississippi will always be my home.

I was raised in a Christian home that loved me well and taught me to love God as well. At an early age, I knew that I wanted to accept the truth of the Gospel and that I needed Jesus Christ as the Savior of my life. For me, however, that relationship with Jesus Christ stayed stagnant as there was no tangible spiritual growth in my life. A lot of personal pride and hidden sin in my life was preventing me from diving deep with God until my senior year of high school, when the Lord continually humbled me. That season was met with a season marked by the Lord graciously bringing men into my life in my early years of college to help push me towards a deeper relationship with Christ.

College also provided me the opportunity to see the college campus as the most strategic place for the Great Commission to unfold. After pursuing that mission field in college and a brief stop in North Carolina (that included me marrying a Dallas girl who is wayyyyyy out of my league), I am now here in Dallas trying to see the college campuses and 18-22 age range catch a fire for Him and His purpose for them.

If you ever want to talk sports, Mississippi State or college ministry I’d love to chat whenever.

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