Becca Kepto

Young Adults Communications Coordinator

Meet Becca

Originally from St. Pete, Florida, I was born and raised a Florida girl and will forever have a love for the sunshine, seashells, and sandy beaches. I grew up attending church, but nothing about my life would have told you that I was a Christian. It wasn’t until after I graduated from Florida State University in 2015 that I made a decision to leave the party lifestyle behind, get plugged into Christian community, and step into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Even though I was walking with Jesus, my life was driven by professional achievement – what leadership title I could have, what salary I could make, what job I could get, and what I could accomplish. I kept climbing this ladder and was successful in PR/Communications roles for a professional sports team, a space-tech startup, and in international development for a presidential administration. From the world’s perspective, I had everything labeled as “successful”, but I was exhausted, felt empty, and lost. My career was my identity and the driver behind every life decision. While working in Washington, DC, I began listening to The Porch’s (the young adult ministry at Watermark) messages during my metro commute to and from work and the ministry changed my life.

In September 2021, I heard about an open communications role on The Porch team and felt a tug on my heart to apply. On the day I received a job offer from Watermark, I received a phone call an hour before with a 6-figure-salary dream job offer. That day, I said, “TAKE THE WORLD, GIVE ME JESUS” and for the first time, handed over my professional life to God. My decision to work for a church makes no sense to my family, friends, and professional network, but I stand confidently in who I am today, not with the label of what I do professionally, but with the label as kingdom builder.

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