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Jhonda Johnson

Watermark CDC Financial Catalyst Coordinator

Meet Jhonda

I am a Texas native and was actually born at the hospital right next to Watermark (Dallas, born and raised). I’m a fan of almost all things southern including our excessive use of y’all and a tall glass of sweet iced tea in the summer. I’m the youngest of 4 (I have 3 awesome older sisters) and within my “girl power” family have seemingly always marched to the beat of my own drummer. From my musical interests to my affinity for hugs and tacos, I’ve never been one to shy away from the road less traveled or a challenge. College and Grad school was no exception, I started my collegiate career in Oklahoma (BOOMER!) before finishing up back here in Texas, with a brief exploration in Maryland for graduate school.

I’ve had an adventurous professional career that led me into Oil & Gas for several years, and then the Insurance industry as a licensed agent, handling employer group benefits for several years. All the while, still trying to figure out where I could put down roots spiritually and find a local body to call home.

After settling back in Dallas, I was finally ready to put down physical roots, and venture out to see what the future had in store.

I found my way to Watermark in 2014 after being invited to The Porch by a friend and former coworker. It was that first Tuesday night that I was blown away at something I had never really seen before: Authenticity, Transparency, Grace and a clear illustration of the Gospel.

Though I grew up hearing the Word of God being preached and would have professed myself to be a Christian, it was through the support and encouragement of community, biblical teachings and faithful discipleship at Watermark that God truly used to show up and show me the end of myself as he transformed my life.

Before truly understanding the grace of God, and the importance of a deep and abiding relationship with Christ, I spent my energy seeking control, trying to find my worth in others and my accomplishments. Seeking these empty wells instead of finding my identity in Christ was truly exhausting. My life has been forever changed the moment I made the choice to accept his Free gift of grace (Romans 6:23) and trust in His steadfast love (Psalm 36:5) and adoration for me.

It was through sound biblical teachings and faithful discipleship that the Lord began stirring my affections even more for Him and His Word, as well as how to effectively deploy the ways he’s gifted me for His glory, as I get to love and serve others purposefully.

I am a self-proclaimed amateur foodie with a love of Mexican /Tex-Mex that no one in my family can seem to understand, explain or want to join in on, but if there’s tacos, chips & guac, you can always count me in!

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