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Jayson Fisher

Equipping Coordinator

Meet Jayson

I was born and raised in Grapevine, Texas, and I was that typical kid who had all of the outward trappings of a thriving high schooler, but inside I knew that I was not satisfied. After trying to find satisfaction in any other place I could find, a friend shared the gospel with me, and I placed my trust in Christ in January 2010.

I moved to Dallas just after graduating from Texas A&M and getting married in May 2014. I began attending Dallas Theological Seminary while serving on staff with BYX (Brothers Under Christ) and it became very apparent to me that I wanted to serve full-time on a church staff. My wife, Kylan, and I were members at Watermark, leading small groups of students, where my passion for being a part of what God desires for Church to be was ignited. Kylan and I have 2 little girls, and we love the busy house!

I love being able to devote a large portion of my life equipping and training others to love God’s Word and to live it out. Being able to walk with Christ every day and to be a part of serving the Church is something I would never have guessed would be in my story back when I first trusted Christ, but I would not change a thing. It’s an honor to serve on this staff as we all seek to serve our King, Jesus Christ.

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